Using of NAT in different nat environment

How should sip NAT setting be , when a pbx has more trunks in NAT and no NAT connections ?

i.e. three trunks , one with a same LAN pbx, one with a pbx over vpn, and one with ISP being behind a natted router, and maybe , some ip phones registering from internet to this pbx behind nat (just examples)

Any guideline ?

pjsip figures this all out automatically, so unless you need to resort to chan_sip, it shouldn’t matter at all.

Setting NAT to yes in chan_sip settings rarely causes trouble, even with extensions or trunks not behind a NAT.

For most systems, I’d recommend leaving it at yes and if it causes trouble, set nat=no for the extension or trunk in question.

Thanks, two more specific questions :

What about sip settings > general sip settings > nat settings > external address field when a dynamic ip from ISP is used ?? Does that field update automatically when a different ip is obtained ?

Same nat section: should I declare as local networks also subnets reachable via VPN ?

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