Using multiple numbers in outbound calls

I have 2 numbers setup on my FreePBX:


I would like to be able to use these numbers as called id when making calls. Is it possible to use the first number when prefixing it with a 0 (zero) and the second when prefixing with a 1?

There’s a “big hammer” approach that might work:

Set up two outbound routes. Use one if you prefix with ‘0’ and the other if you prefix with ‘1’. Set each route’s CID with the appropriate Caller ID settings. Send them both to your outbound trunk and don’t set the caller ID in the trunk.

The outbound trunk might be another way to do this - basically the same setup, just set the outbound CID in the trunks and route your outbound routes to the specific trunks.

It kind of depends on how your VOIP connections are set up.

Sorry but I don’t quite understand. Currently I have 1 outbound route setup, ofcourse I can create a second one, but how do I set this up to use the prefix?

Second option: how to I “tell” the phone which trunk to use?

Sorry, I’m no expert :frowning:

Set up the outbound route so that the dial string passed to it (from the phone) must start with a ‘0’ in the dialed number manipulation rules.

Strip the ‘0’ off.

Pass the call to your outbound trunk with the outbound route’s CID set.

These are my current rules, can you point out to me what I should do?

Should rule 4 and 5 result in me being able to dail 6 or 7 digit numbers and the rest of the number is added automatically?

Found it! Thanks!!!