Using module Custom Contexts

I want to ask knowing people how correctly to use Custom Contexts module.
First, a question:
Is it possible to prohibit by means of this module one group of extensions to call on other group of extensions?

Here are my settings:

  • trixbox CE with installed Custom Contexts v0.3.2 (it is strange, in general the archive with the unit is named customcontexts-0.3.4.tgz)
  • 2 contexts created by means of group1 unit and group2
  • extensions 5000, 5001 in group1
  • extensions 5002, 5003 in group2
  • in both contexts ENTIRE Basic Internal Dialplan - deny, ALL OUTBOUND ROUTES - deny

That as a results:

  • Now I can to divide outgoing directions for different groups, i.e. that one group calling through one trunk, and another group through another trunk
  • it is IMPOSSIBLE for me now to prohibit, that, for example, 5000 could not call on 5002

Help me please.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t use custom context so someone may have a better answer than mine. However, I think the answer is no, unless you blocked all extensions from calling each other. The issue is that all the extensions are defined in a single context. So if you expose that contest to them, you expose all the extensions.

The way I did this was, for each Custom Context, use ext-local set to Allow Rules.
In the dial rules table, enter the extension numbers you want to allow to call each other, either individually or by using an expression to define a range of numbers.

You can also block group dialing the same way using ext-group.

i think set "Basic Internal Dialplan - Allow rules"
is better,and you can set the feature button work well.
i also use the custom context moudle,it is very greate,though at first i’m confused to setup.