Using Intercom on the P Series Phones and UC Premise Hardware

Our company recently started using the new Sangoma/Digium P Series phones with our own office and clients. In the S Series you could program Rest Apps to perform button tasks. One that only a few clients use is Intercom to all phones or a ring group.

Since adopting the new P Series phones as a standard I have not been able to find good documentation on how to set that up on them whether under the Menu or as a Speed Dial button. Can anyone point me to, or write out a procedure that I can set up for a UC60 with the most current updates on it? Also P Series Settings if applicable.

General doc’s for P phones are here:

It’s not clear what your asking, but it sounds like you want a Line Key set up with a speeddial to a page group, in which case you can follow this page to set up a speeddial/blf: Provisioning P-Series Phones With FreePBX/PBXact - Phones - Documentation

Thank you! That helps, I think that was what I was looking for. I’ll post after successful setup. You’re the best sir!

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