Using Global Prefix in Fax Configuartion

There is an option in Fax Configuration to set a Global Prefix. My understanding is that if I set this to a value, say 6789, faxes would go to the outbound route that is configured to capture calls prefixed with 6789. In that outbound route, I would configure a prefix of 6789 to strip off the extra digits, and just send the bare number to the trunk. (i,e, my pattern match would look like 6789|XXXXXXX. with prepend blank)

It is not working for me - just want someone to confirm that (a) the Global Prefix mechanism works correctly, and and that I am handling this in the correct manner

Well…first of all…I answer you because I’m playing with FAX Pro too and I like to improve some of its features (just scratching the surface of the GUI because I’m not a code developer).

I want to say that the Help tip of the (FAX) Global Prefix parameter reports “A number to prefix to the outbound fax to route a fax to a certain outbound route” which, for an foreigner like me (I’m not English mother tongue so I’m not a fluent English guy and I shouldn’t the very first one to argue about that!), it’s simply “garbage English” and make understanding some really nice features more complicated than it actually is…and I wrote “garbage English” just to be polite, as always.

In my opinion that Help tip should be modified/adapted to something like “Setting a FAX Global Prefix number on outbound FAXes let FreePBX processing them against Outgoing Route Dial Pattern rules, if a matching rule is find, outbound FAXes go to the specified Trunk to be sent”…or, at least, something that shows clearly what happens (and what you should do in other FreePBX parts to run the whole process) if you set that parameter (*).

I can’t perform a test easily on my production system because I have just one Trunk and just one Outgoing Route defined (Maybe can I?).

As far I can tell you…I think it means exactly what you though (Or, at least, this only means that we speculate in the same manner!) SO if it’s not working as expected (or as advertised) I suggest you to file a proper Ticket request providing all the logs/evidences/details of what you discovered and let developer go deep.

Best regards, Davide.

P.S. (*) Questions:

  • Every defined Outgoing Route (if more then one) will be checked (from first to last) to find a match?
  • Each single Dial Patterns Rule’s list of every Outgoing Route will be processed to find a match?
  • If a match on a Outgoing Route win, left Outgoing Routes with their Dial Pattern Rules are not processed, right?

If so adapt the Help tip accordingly.

Well the statement about myself should be “(despite that I’m not an English mother tongue guy and so I’ve not such fluent English thus I shouldn’t be the very first one to argue about that!)”. Words count, as always.

It sounds better and give me a way to say “Maybe I’m not the most qualified person to speak about but I’m the one that noticed it.” :wink:

It does work as expected.

The prefix in the fax configuration is set to 123, and I have an outbound route that looks for (and strips off) 1239, so it sending the correct information to the trunk. So fax user dials 9011441753202195, which is sent to outbound route as 1239011441753202195, which is passed to trunk as 011441753202195