Using FreePBX with a Comcost internet/phone connection


I’ve just moved into a new apartment and I am building my home office from where I will work. I also want to hook up a few spare office phones I have and thought using FreePBX would be fun!

I’ve done some research and can’t seem to find the right advice, I wonder if this forums users can help :slight_smile:

What I currently have is a spare Dell optiplex which I am going to install FreeBSD onto and a Comcast internet/phone line that terminates in a Motorola VOIP cable modem. (Model number SBV5220)

I also have some phones, a Polycom SoundStation and two NEC DTH-8D-1 phones that were connected to our PBX at work.

So… I need to find out the answers to the following;

  1. Will this work? Can I connect up a cable from my Optiplex to the Comcast modem and have incoming calls routed to say one of the NEC’s and yet all the NEC’s and the Polycom make outgoing calls. Of course only one can create the outgoing call at any one time.

  2. What hardware am I going to need for the server? I’ve been reading Asterix’s hardware list but i’m a bit too fresh to this technology and some helpful pointers would be nice.

Thanks to those that respond.


OK the box is fine just make sure you got min 512 meg or ram 1 gig is better.

Now As for using the Cox Line with Freepbx, I would say NO
using a Voip line like that is most just a waste of time… echo… sound level

It is just not designed for that

You would spend more time get stuff to work than it is worth do it right

FreeBSD for a Newbie NO…
build it stable and working using CENTOS

after you know all about asterisk and freepbx then build a freebsd box

As for the phones you got same deal…you need to purchase SIP / IAX , again you can rig up stuff with ATA’s but WHY??? Crappy sound buggy setup’s

I think maybe you need to do some more reading

The correct way is signup with a service prodiver or if your lines where from a telco you would purchase a FXO / FXS card @ 200.00 plus bucks

Sip phones are from 70.00 up and ata for 50.00 and up.