Using freepbx to offer residential voip

I searched the forum and I saw this old post:

However, I couldn’t figure out where to find the single reply that was posted to it. Can someone direct me to where we can find information on best practice to setup freepbx for this purpose and how it should differ from using freepbx per organization as a pbx system?

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FreePBX is not designed for “multi-tenant” uses like this.

Using FreePBX for this can be a challenge IF you are offering something other than ‘extensions’ for your customers. If all you’re doing is voicemail and DID->phone services, you can use FreePBX for this by setting it up using the normal process and installing phones.

As soon as people want things like Queues, Ring-groups, parking lots, etc., though, the model starts to fall apart.

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@cynjut thank you! That is what we do now, and we also make sure that they don’t see each other in groups, etc. But, somehwere, someplace and I can’t find where, I read that using FreePBX in such a way does not allow us to comply with certain regulations, and/or that it’s just the wrong way to do it.

And yes, I realize that if the individual subscribers want more than what is available in UCP, non-shared, then they need their own instance or something like that.

Extension specific e911 is a challenge. There was a lot of information here last year about a guy that needed to have different zones in his building have their own e911 location code.

I don’t know that was ever resolved either, but that’s the only “legal” issue I can think of off the top of my head.

Thank you. We use flowroute and we tested that E911 extensively, and it works right, as we pass the caller ID, and flowroute handles the E911. Ok. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.