Using FreePBX to migrate servers?

I need to migrate my current Asterisk and FreePBX setup from one server to another. Is there any way to do this using a FreePBX module? Would Backup and Restore work? (i.e. Physically copying the backup file from the original server, moving it to /var/lib/asterisk/backups/ on the new server, and then using the freepbx module to “restore” onto the new server?) I am hoping there is a relatively painless way to move all of the voicemail, IVRs, system recordings, etc. from one server to another.


sounds like not everything got restored right - particularly the astdb setup. If everything was saved it is all there so usually you can get it all back - either by a subsequent restore or looking through the tarballs.

The backup module has some issue somewhere and needs to be looked at, but there has not been anything specific to point out on it which always helps to accelerate it getting the attention it needs.

Yup! Thats the idea of backup and restore.

Have you done this yourself? Was it really that simple and painless?

yes i have. its as smooth as [cencord] ! D

make sure you restore to the same version you are backing up.

I just had the experience of taking the backup, and moving it to a new server, running the restore… perhaps someone can shed some light on my difficulty with this…

Once restored, all extensions, ring groups, IVR’s were there… however custom recordings for the IVR’s, peoples voice mail prompts were gone… but most importantly… all my phones would register, and make an outgoing call on the trunk, however extension dialing and incoming calls would always come back as extension busy or go direct to voicemail.

Anyone have any ideas as to why? Deleting the extension and recreating it solved the issue, so there is something that happens when you initially create a user that doesn’t happen when you restore from the backup…

I’d also like to see the system recordings backed up! The clients IVR’s were “broken” until we discovered the recordings weren’t there…

I had the same problem. I wonder if it has to do with a differing module set. My destination box had a different set of modules than the source box. May not be relevant but these were modules required for features that the extentions participated in (ring groups etc.)The problem sure looks like a database related issue. Here are some indications from the log file:

[[Nov 19 22:42:01] DEBUG[25309] db.c: Unable to find key ‘6000’ in family ‘CW’
[Nov 19 22:42:01] DEBUG[25309] db.c: Unable to find key ‘6000’ in family ‘CFB’
[Nov 19 22:42:01] DEBUG[25309] db.c: Unable to find key ‘6000’ in family ‘CFU’

Nov 19 22:42:01] DEBUG[25309] db.c: Unable to find key ‘/cidname’ in family ‘AMPUSER’
[Nov 19 22:42:01] DEBUG[25309] func_db.c: DB: AMPUSER//cidname not found in database.

I don’t know Asterisk well (not at all really) but it certainly looks like some problem in a database somewhere …

Any idea about the best way to fix it other that deleting and re-creating the extensions?


you didn’t say which version you backed up or restored to. there was a bug in one of the earlier versions not backing up the astdb properly. the errors you are showing are astdb errors so it is possible that if the issue here.

It is possible to manually copy of the current backup routine onto the older box and try it again. you’d need to copy the following files:


make a backup copy of what is there first just to be safe. but then re-running the process should pickup the missing db.

You’re right! Sorry. Version is That is the most recent version right? I probably should mention that I migrated from trixbox v2.2 to EasyVoxBox 0.10. Course it shouldn’t matter which distribution.


I’ve used Backup/Restore a few times recently to move servers and always with the same problem: Everything seems to restore OK but the extensions are always busy, even though all the extensions are listed correctly in FreePBX. (I always update to the latest FreePBX and modules in both the Backup and Restore boxes.)

FIX: Open each extension in turn, change nothing and click the ‘Submit’ button. When all extensions have been ‘Submitted’, click the orange bar and confirm. Voila! The extensions now work again.

It’s not too much trouble for me, as I have less than twenty extensions but it would be great if this gremlin could be fixed.


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