Using FreePbx as a Standalone Voicemail connected to Nortel Option11

I am trying to replace my Microsoft Exchange Voicemail with FreePBX , I currently have a test environment of freepbx 14
What is working so far is when I call in to my Nortel extension it passes the call through a Dialogic gateway to freepbx and goes to the correct VM … Now I am trying to get the MWI to send a sip notify back
Any help would be appreciated


Generally you would use

externnotify = your.script

in /etc/asreisk/voicemail.conf

But these are Virtual Extensions only , with No Sip registration , it current arrives in the mailbox and emails the Tran scripted message to the end user ,just no sip notify reply to the dialogic

I don’t understand what you mean.

The externnotify script will, upon the receipt of voicemail, perform a function that allows your MWI on the Nortel to work. This script can do almost anything (setting hints on remote servers, text users, signal your Roomba to start, kick off a 3-d printer script that prints out a big plastic envelope, etc.)

That last bit is kind of up to you to figure out. We’re not the “Nortel Support Forum”, so it’s reasonable that none of us would have a script that does your specific thing available. Not saying someone doesn’t; just that it’s possible that we don’t.

Thanks for
for your input Guys , this is new to me I have used freepbx for years just not in this way
I already have externnotify set in the Voicemail.conf
which does turn the light on (on my physical voip phones attached) just doesnot send notify when it comes from Nortel

I guess what I need then is help creating the script ( are there any documents on doing that )

thanks dicko
much appreciated

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