Using Feature Code in Asterisk PhoneBook

We have a new install that has multiple divisions thus requiring the same extension to use different outbound CID. We resolved this by prepending the outbound routes with *81, *82, *83, etc with the 10 digit number (ie *81NXXNXXXXXX). 10 digit dialing without a prepend *8x goes to the DeadRestricted trunk.

This all works great until we tried to build the Asterisk PhoneBook and add entries for external calls as the field for the Number to be dialed will not accept the *81 as a prefix.

Does anyone have another suggestion how to accomplish this?

Have you tried Misc Apps/Dest’s? We use this to set up “extensions” for vendors but it may allow you to dial *8x2600 to get out.

There’s also a paid module for changing CID, which in your application of FreePBX might be a good investment: