Using external call Services

HI Everybody,

My company wants to use an external Conference System, which requires to invite other Conference Participants to dial 4 and the the Number.
It’s actually working exactly in the same way, like Asterisk / FreePBX, but to invite other Participants, I dont have a nice Website, I need to navigate on the phone and on one Point dial 4 and teh Number of the Party I want to invite,
But when dialing * the System hangs up.

Does anybody has or had a similar Problem or an idea how to solve.

thanks a lot for any help already in advance.

little complex description. Why you dial * ?

Hi psdk,

thanks a lot for your reply.
The Problem is that my company decided to use and external Phone Conference System, since we don’t have enough Land Lines connected, to get the entire Sales Team into and Conference. The external System is somehow unlimited.
That’s why I’m not using the Conference Module in FreePBX, where I even have the commercial Module and its working very well.

Now this external Conference System works basically the same like in FreePBX, with dialing in, typing ID and so on.
Also having and Admin (Leader) account, with different ID for the Conference.
This Leader now can invite Participants to the Conference, same as in FreePBX, only here I can do this in the UCP Module much more comfortable.
For this Invitation I need to dial (while being connected to the System already) 4[the Number I want to invite]#
This would call the other Participant and pull him to the Conference.
But when dialing * the System hags up.

I somewhere was reading that * or ** is used by core to hangup, but not to sure anymore.

How can I manage to dial 4 during and open call on my phone set, to emote manage an external phone Conference System ?

Thanks a lot again, for looking into my Problem here and hope to get some help on this.