Using endpoint manager to create a vpn phone

(Lon Townsend) #1

So i have turned on the VPN under sysadmin pro. I have commercial endpoint manager. I created a template for external use for the Grandstream gxp-2140. In EPM, there is no option to select VPN client to use. This is Freepbx I understand this is new version, but should still be able to utilize VPN option in EPM.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

VPN is not supported on GS and has never been. Only Sangoma S series, some Yealinks and a handful of other modules from other manufacturers. The only phones certified to work with the sysadmin VPN are Sangoma S series.

(Lon Townsend) #3

No, but I was able to pair the Freepbx VPN to the OpenVPN on the Grandstream phones. Then how do you provision the Grandstream phones to use endpoint manager?

(Chris Dolese) #4

you either manually set the config server info or use a DHCP option

wrt automating the vpn config of the GS to use the openvpn designed for users and not devices you have the basefile editor … at that point you’re in uncharted waters but not necessarily on the rocks , it may be possible

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