Using Endpoint Configuration Manager

Wondering how to edit the default templates for the Endpoint Configuration Manager? I’m hoping that it’s not super simple, and I’m about to look like a fool…

What we’d like to do is to edit the initial or base templates for our telephones (specifically Aastra 6730, 6731, 6739, 6755, 6757 and Polycom 550, 650, 601 at this writing) so that they all come up with a certain dial plan (digit map) configuration, among other options. We only have about 70 phones on the system at this point and we’re starting to realize that there are certain things, like this, that we should be doing differently, so they don’t bite us even worse at a later date.

I’d like to summarize any comments I get on this and add them to the Documentation, so if anybody has any tips or tricks on how to do this, and how to do it better, let me know.



One my customers are using 550s and 94xx aastra, and we created templates for each area. So there is a Miami Polycom 550 Template and a Tampa Aastra and Polycom templates so on and so forth. Each template is pretty much the same except for maybe soft key changes and the dialplan. (So it auto adds area code for local calls)

Then when adding the devices you select which template it will use by Area and model.