Using Dynamic Agents in Queues - FreePBX 2.7

I have been trying to setup a queue with dynamic agents. Everything works fine for static agents, however when I add extensions as dynamic agents, the login feature does not seem to work. Say my queue number is 123, then I pick up the extension and dial 123* to log in, but I just get a busy signal. I know I am doing something wrong here, but I am not sure what. Are extensions not supported as agents? Is there a way to properly set this up so extensions can login to a given queue? Thanks to any replies.

it sounds to me like your telephone ‘dialplan’ is not even transmitting the 123*. Check the CLI and see if it ever event hits Asterisk. It probably does not.

You’re right, it’s not even handling it. What is the correct way to add this to my dialplan. Is there a way to do it in the GUI, or do I need to edit the conf files. Pardon my ignorance but I am new to freepbx and admittedly lost.

it’s a phone configuration issue and depends on the phone.

I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks a million.