Using CRM Module with Salesforce but CallDurationInSeconds=null

We’ve purchased the CRM Module and have it setup with Salesforce and testing now with the Free 2x Zulu UC phone license.

Our intent is to purchase the PBXact product but the only thing that seems to be not working as expected is CallDurationInSeconds=null.

From Salesforce debug logging I see this (XXX=Commented out data):

14:09:23.0 (9021300)|VALIDATION_FORMULA|AND(OR(NOT($User.ProfileId=‘XXX’), NOT($User.ProfileId=‘XXX’)),ISBLANK( CallDurationInSeconds), ISBLANK(Description),ISPICKVAL( Status , “Completed”))|Status=In Progress , Description=Outbound call to NXXNXXXXXX , CallDurationInSeconds=null , $User.ProfileId=XXX

I assume I’m missing a simple setting or configuration but am unsure how to proceed to populate CallDurationInSeconds with the time of the call.

EDIT: CRM from edge repository. Everything else is updated to latest web repo.

Zulu Module:
Zulu Window Client Stable: 2.1.15

During a talk with Sangoma Support yesterday on an unrelated issue I mentioned this too and was told it may be a bug in their Salesforce integration and to open that on the bug tracker which I’ve done here:

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