Using Call Park (with) Sangoma phones (BLF lights) (blinking RED)

Normally, when using “call park” on Yealink phones (example) SIP-T46G:

If you set a BLF for 70 (call park) and a BLF for 71 (parking lot 1)


71 = solid green light (no call parked)

71 = solid red light (call parked)

We were wondering if we were using Sangoma phones (and) the RestFul APPS, could we get this:

71 = solid green light (no call parked)

71 = blinking red light (call parked but not answered)

71 = solid red light (someone picked up the call and is speaking)

Instead of a solid RED light (when a call is parked) can we get a “blinking” RED light?

We’ve tried using BLF modes with the Yealink GUI, but this does not help.

We were hoping the Sangoma phone (with the call parking restful app) could have this ability.

NOTE: We’ve heard (over the years) that “Snom” and/or “Aastra” phones can do this with some tweaking, etc.

Thanks for your reply.