Using Bulk Handler to update max_contacts

Hi all,

I’ve been using the new Bulk Handler to import extensions and DIDs into a new system, and have not been able to successfully update max_contacts. I see two sections in my csv that include max contacts, specifically:
max_contacts, which is located between match and maximum_expiration
max_contact, which is located between mailbox and media_use_received_transport.

I’ve set a single Max Contact in Application -> Extensions -> (choose extension) -> Advanced -> Max Contacts (located between Account Code and Media Use Received Transport), which shows up under max_contact for an export of extensions in the Bulk Handler. I can then copy this value to other extensions, but it never sticks. It even reverts the single extension back to 1 max contact when re-importing the csv back into Bulk Handler.

I’ve also tried setting max_contacts to the same values, but this doesn’t appear to ever stay written.

Is there something I’m missing?