Using BLF for Linksys SPA962+932 in "deviceanduser" mode

I have a combo: Linksys SPA962+932 and I am running trixbox 2.4. I am in Freepbx “deviceanduser” mode. I have the latest firmware for SPA962. I have a user called “Winnie” and its extension# is 820; this user has 3 devices and one of the devices is 005.

In 932, I programmed as:
key1: fnc=blf+sd;[email protected];nme=Winnie
key2: fnc=blf+sd;[email protected];nme=Winnie

Once I the phone restarts, the key1 and key2 are flashing in organe. I checked the key status and both keys are not “subscribed”.

Key Name Type Line Station Subscribed
1 Winnie BLF, Speed Dial [email protected] [email protected] No
2 Winnie BLF, Speed Dial [email protected] [email protected] No

Did I do something incorrect or BLF is not comparable with FreePBX “deviceanduser” mode?

Many thanks.

if BLF is not working for in FreePBX deviceanduser mode, then would it be a Asterisk issue or FreePBX issue?

I’m not familiar with the Linksys phones. However - you should be subscribing to the user number, not the device number. The hints that Asterisk creates that are what provide the BLF information are based on the user, regardless of number of devices. To see if Asterisk/FreePBX is showing the proper status, you can type “show hints” (or "core show hints for Asterisk 1.4+) to see what the states are.