Using Backup & Restore to Migrate to a new System

OK, so I am planning a migration away from our outdated (to say the least) Trixbox installation (pre-fork) to a new machine running Elastix. Both machines have been updated to the latest FrePBX.

As part of the testing process, I copied the backup file from /var/lib/asterisk/backups/backupschedulename/ on the current machine to the same directory on the new machine. I then opened the Backup & Restore module on the new machine and completed the restore process. All went fine until I went to reload, where the system puked because the manager interface password in amportal.conf did not match the password in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf. However, CDR records do not seem to have been migrated, even though they were part of the backup set and I chose to restore the entire file.

This raises two questions for me:

1.) Shouldn’t the restore module handle the different password better?
2.) I’m guessing my CDR problem is due to the MySQL passwords being different on the two machines. What are the various passwords and settings I ought to make uniform across the two machines before trying this again?


Nobody knows which passwords need to be syncronized between two servers when using the FreePBX backup & restore tool?

Can anyone shed some light on tips for migrating from one system to another suing Backup & Restore?

Be sure to use the same password on both systems before migrating.
If you don’t have that, change one system to match the other.
Both for amportal.conf and MySQL and whatnot. Then proceed as you have done in your first post.

After the restore and pressing the Orange Reload bar go to a shell and do an amportal stop followed by amportal start.

That should work.

Great, thanks for the info. I’d like to try and confirm the various things that should be synced up:

1.) FreePBX Admin user and password
2.) Asterisk Manager and password (both in amportal.conf and /etc/asterisk/manager.conf)
3.) MySQL Password (both in amportal.conf and in MySQL) which username?
4.) ???

I’d just like to be certain,