Using Avaya 9630 phones with Freepbx

We are in the test process of converting from our Avaya System to FreePBX. Currently using 9630s which will ring and dial out. I have been unable to get the MWI to work for voicemail or parking a call. I can park a call and the system announces the parking lot number, but when you try to pick up number, freepbx states that there is no call parked at that number.

Anyone have any experience getting these two issues working?

Can’t help with Avaya phones.

The parking issue doesn’t sound like an Avaya problem, does the same thing happen with a non-Avaya device?

I have a Sangoma S500 that works fine with the parking of a call, so I was thinking it is a Avaya problem.

Logs for those two events would probably help.