Using Avaya 4620SW phone with freepbx

Hello there!
I would to ask some help with avaya phones. The phone was hanging on the "Discover <my.sip.server.address>"
I have a tftp server, and the phone set to use it. I put the settings46xx.txt and the upgrade46xx.scr file on the server, and the phone finded it, but its hanging the on the “Discover” text.
Am i did something wrong? Maybe i need a firmware upgrade? If the answer is yes, how can i’ll do it?
Can i use these phones with freepbx?

Sorry for my bad english, and my incompetence. I love freepbx, and the avaya 4620 phones, and i want to use these products both. :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you in advance,
Roy B.