Using ARI without extension having voice mail configured

Is it possible to use ARI if the user does not have voice mail configured? ARI uses the extensions VM password but this client does not want anyone to have VM. I need to use ARI to allow managing recorded calls for each extension.

I will be looking into the Schmooze app to manage recordings also.

What would be your opinion on a future implementation of the ARI module. How would you want users to login? or to manage them?

Perhaps there could be an additional user ID for ARI but have the option to synch the password with the VM password.

iSymphony has a separate user ID so something along the lines of that…

How about having a numeric PIN be the property of the extension not the voice mail. This PIN would be user changeable and can be used for all system functions where the user needs to authenticate via endpoint (ARI, Aastra phone login, VM, etc).