Using ADSL for inbound/outbound routes

I would like to use an existing ADSL line from BT with my FreePBX. I understand that an FXO is needed that would be able to connect this for inbound and outbound routes however I am not sure how to fully set this or or even what the cheapest FXO gateway is that I could use.

The cheapest would be a spa3000 clone from China on ebay , a better one IMHO would be an obihai

Google and searching the forum here will give you lots of starters

So with the linksys SPA3000 being only £25, this would enable me to use an ADSL line for a trunk?

Yes but in reality you well still have an ‘echo problem’ it cant tail.

UK DSL lines will have a complex impedance that needs to be adjusted.

CallerID will then need further adjustment

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