Using Aastra XML scripts with FreePBX 12

Can anyone tell me whether they have been successful in using the Aastra XML scripts with FreePBX 12. Am a bit reluctant to upgrade until right now.

@sko001 we haven’t tested them. I can tell you that they are no longer maintained, tested, or worked on for legal reasons. blah blah us law blah blah hates innovation. Anyway I would look for an alternative such as phone apps. You could also setup a test system with 12 and migrate over xml apps to test it. Worst case is it doesn’t work.

I migrated a system from FreePBX 11 to 12 and they still work…

What is the process of installing those xml scripts on FreePBX11?

yum install no longer seems to work. My guess is since the REST apps are being pushed they have removed the old Aastra scripts form the repository. I found a version on GIT here: if you wanted to try instaloing them manually.

This is not a marketing decision. We were asked to “Not do something” and we complied.

There are lots of things that are really cool but are not allowed because someone owns them through patent, license, or copyright. When someone owns something you must comply with their wishes.