Using a SIP trunk AND POTS

Hello All -

I need a little help here, I have a working FreePBX system using a Sangoma card with four (4) POTS lines. I also have a SIP trunk through Nextiva. Each “connection” work in and of itself however I would like to use it so that the first outbound call uses the SIP trunk and any subsequent calls use the POTS lines as needed. This is preparation of going to full SIP trunks either via Nextiva or SIPSTATION.

When I add the SIP trunk the system acts as if there is only a single line. I had the Outbound route set to use the SIP trunk first then the POTS lines second but it does not seem to be working as expected.

I am on:
Asterisk 11.4.0
PBX Firmware 3.211.63-10

Right now its not setup given the above issue, so the logs will not reflect anything. I can do the set up and post the logs tomorrow AM, but I wanted to get the thread started and to get any feedback.



Your SIP trunk should allow you exactly as many outbound/inbound connections as you contracted for, if you only paid for one, then the second call will likely fail, you need to check with your VSP.

The issue Im having is that I have a single SIP trunk, and four (4) POTS lines. What I want to do is when the customer picks up the phone and makes an outbound call, the first call goes out the SIP trunk. If a second person in the office makes a second call, it uses the existing POTS lines. So I guess a “roll over” or a hybrid setup. All incoming calls go through the POTS lines but I want that first outgoing call going across that SIP trunk…

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


Then limit the “maximum channels” on your sip trunk to 1, it’s all documented either directly in the GUI or in the wiki.

BINGO, that did it!

I put a ‘1’ in the max channels and set the SIP trunk as the first outbound in the route and the Group for the POTS as second and that did it!

THANKS!! Much appreciated. I did look for the info but did not know that you have to tell the trunk to limit the # of channels!

Thanks again!