Using a sip phone off site

we have used freepbx and asterisk for a few years. all of our sip phones are within our intranet.

Now I want to use phones from off site.

Could someone point me to docs on how to do that?


ps -i have tried
telnet our-ip-address 5060

and get:
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

This is more of a network issue than a FreePBX issue.

The ports required (by default) are UDP not TCP so telnet is uesless as a test.

By Default (and the RTP range should be reduced) the following are set:

Signalling (SIP) UDP 5060
Voice (RTP) UDP 10000-20000

RTP settings in etc/asterisk/rtp.conf

Look at the many articles on SIP and NAT with Asterisk. Use the SIP settings module to configure NAT support.

Security is a huge issue when opening ports to the Internet. Within hours a system exposed to the Internet will be located and compromised. I have seen losses in the 1000’s of dollars US per hour in toll fraud.

For this reason I recommend VPN’s. VPN capable routers are now below $100 so no excuse exists for not doing it right.