Using a script for Console Dial

I’m trying to set or reset a Feature Code from an Linux script. After finding someone else who needed the same thing I found *"asterisk -r -x console dial 281"

So I fired up Asterisk and “console {anything}” yields “No Such Command”

After banging random keystrokes on the Internet for an hour I came up with
"module load" but there are some very scary references in the “documentation” that vaguely imply that I can’t use console dial unless I have a sound card??

An now “console dial *281” yields “no such extension in context ‘default’”

And the most obvious problem at this point is that the error messages are designed by people who already know how to configure the console module.

Anyone know what the Dial Plan is and what file it goes into in order to allow “console dial” to address a feature code?

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