Using a cellular hotspot for FreePBX

I have been having trouble getting good speed from my ISP. I struggle to get even 1mb upload. We have our company Cell phone plan with verizon (unlimited data) I can get 40mb down and 20mb up with 4G at my office.

Would it be a good option to add a hotspot device to our cell plan and use that for the VoIP traffic? Will the cellular network provide a good enoigh connection for VoIP? Can I just plug the hot spot in to my asus rt-n66u router?

Anyone done this?

From experience even though cellular frequently offers high speeds, the connections are not consistent enough for voice. The services are getting better but I suspect it will not work well depending on your tolerance for problems. You can always try it. Let us know.

We are doing that on Verizon LTE using a Cradlepoint router/modem.
Using it as backup not as main service for our SIP trunks, but whenever we do use it, we don’t hear any complaints. Latency is higher but still good enough in our experience.

If you can pull that bandwidth with less than 50 ms latency to your sip trunk you shouldn’t have issues.

Recently pulled 102Mbps down and 41Mbps with 16ms latency on my LTE connections to my nearest speedtest server which also happens to be hosted in the same location as my sip trunk.

No issues so far.

I can pull a 150-200 ms latency to the PBX from our call center in Puerto Rico using 4g as backup. I have found that enabling jitter buffer on PBX and using low bandwidth codec like g729 runs well.

Thanks for the replies. I think I’ll table the idea for now if it may cause reliability issues.