Using *45 seems to ignore queue password

Using FreePBX Distro
Setup a queue, agents are using 45, but I added a queue password, and doesn’t seem to ask for a password.
The alternative logon method of QueueNumber
will ask for that password though.
Everything is pretty generic for a deployment, nothing really special that I can think would effect this.
Functioning as designed maybe?

It toggles ALL queues, there’s no realistic way to prompt for a password here.

Is there a ways to give dynamic agents individual passwords? The above method, anyone can just dial *45 on phones that are part of a dynamic queue and just start taking calls…whether they are authorized or not.

It won’t log in a extension that is not listed as a dynamic member. It uses the list to determine what queues to log the agent into.

right, but if i have someone that just goes and picks up an extension that is part of a dynamic queue…there’s nothing to stop them from logging in phones,

Correct. If your can’t trust your own staff fire them.

True I like to think I can trust them, unfortunately I’ve learned you just can’t trust everyone. Just one person in the wrong frame of mind could wreak havoc for a business, malicious intent or not. “LOL wouldn’t it be funny if I logged in all hundred CC phones in? HAHAH! …then I’ll forward each one to 911” suddenly becomes way less funny. I’ll work out some dial plan code to get what I need, but it would be nice to have a userID/password methodology in the GUI. This would also assist tracking agent statistics for those who might not sit at the same desk or location each time.