Users with local IP disconnects on call in 30 secs

Hi Team,

Sorry for the late response.
I found that if the user/s are connected via LAN, the calls are passing the 30 seconds issue.
Meaning WIFI config somehow having the issue.
I tried to check the settings of the WiFi but didn’t find any clues.
Currently, 2 users in a different location has the same scenario.
They are using the router Huawei Echolife EG8145v5. The routers are provided by ISP.
Not sure where to look at now. Please help

Do you mean that a wired connection to the EG8145v5 works ok but a Wi-Fi connection to the same router fails? That seems very strange, because in most routers, the Wi-Fi access point is on the same switch as the LAN ports.

So, I’d like you to test with a computer that has both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. It could be a Windows, Mac or Linux laptop or desktop. Most very recent laptops have no Ethernet (they are too thin to fit an RJ45 jack), but you can connect a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. Older desktops had no Wi-Fi, but you can connect a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

Then, using the same softphone with the same settings, connecting via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to the same router, confirm that you have the trouble on Wi-Fi but not on Ethernet. If so, paste logs (including SIP traces) and with luck we can see the difference and try to find a workaround.

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