Users Transferring Calls to Pager

Several times since migrating to PBXact, customer calls have ended up being transferred to our pager. The pager is a Valcom unit interfaced through a Cisco SPA3104, which in turn is connected to our network and linked to the PBX via a SIP trunk/outbound route. When this happens, the customer does not know they are on our paging system and the only way to get the customer off our overhead speakers is to go downstairs to physically unplug the SPA - there’s no way for one of our users to pick up the call after it’s been transferred.

Our operator wants me to ‘prevent any call from being transferred to the pager’. I explained to him that a transfer to the phone system is really placing an existing call on hold and placing a new call to the pager, then connecting the two & disconnecting the phone so if I stop calls from being able to be transferred to the pager, it would stop anyone from being able to call it; I don’t think he got it. (Not 100% on this - I pieced it together from how I’ve observed the phone behaving & what’s in the CDRs for transfers.)

One idea I had was to create a password on the outbound route, so everyone would have to push something to confirm they want to page, but he thinks this will create more headaches than it is worth.

This is clearly a user training issue, but they’re looking for a technical solution to it. My ideas, some of which I don’t know if they’re even possible and would like input on, are:

  1. Is there indeed any way to prevent transfers to a specific extension/route/trunk?

  2. Is there any way of setting a maximum number of seconds for calls to a specific extension/route/trunk? (While this would not prevent this from happening, it would mitigate the effect of it because it’d drop the person off the overhead after n seconds.)

  3. Any other ideas at all? Really grasping at straws here…

How does this transfer happen? Does someone transfer them there by mistake, or do they find the extension by accident through your IVR or phonebook?

You can make the paging extension something very different from the regular extensions. For example if your user extensions are 1000-1100 then make the pager 5000.

Nobody knows 100% how it’s happening, but according to the CDRs and what I’ve been able to piece together from the user’s descriptions, they’re on a call and hit transfer, the speed dial button set to page, and then transfer again. Have a hunch they’re trying to transfer to the Park speed dial button and are getting confused because they’re both 4 letter words starting with ‘Pa’… :expressionless:

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