Users call history does not follow when hotdesking

Is this normal that when a user hotdesk betweentheir call history does not follow them or is this a setting?
Sangoma Phones S505/S705

Call history on the phone is stored locally on the phone, same with the phone contacts.

Hot Desking basically removes the extension config from the old phone, and the new phone downloads the configuration from the PBX. So there’s no way the new phone can pull the call history from the old phone.

Thats a shame i would have thought this would have been stored centrally, OK thanks for the reply

You may want to file a feature request:

So for a Hot Desk user upon login you can to wipe the call log in the phone?

No way are you going to log some other phones call log. Use UCP and stop the phone from logging calls for hot desk phones/users

I think the discussion is now circular.

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