Username from sip provider needs / in it


I’ve created a trunk for my SIP provider; Blue SIP however, they require the string bluesip/ to be placed in the registration string.

When I add this into FreePBX the system doesn’t show a new registration under “FreePBX System Status”.

Asterisk 1.8.x is being used so I’m sure that Asterisk itself is compatible with the username format but for some reason I can’t get it to function.

The requirements are these:

register => bluesip/username:[email protected]/did

But for some reason the system doesn’t seem to accept it?

Is it possibly my FreePBX version is too old or is it something else?

Am running version:



Looks like this was fixed 4 years ago in Asterisk 1.6, And previously in Asterisk 1.4 in 2005. So if it’s not working in asterisk 1.8 you may need to check to make sure Asterisk allows special characters such as “/” in the registration string… Then again, I’m not certain if FreePBX is going to allow the “/” in the registration string either or if it parses that out as well, what happens when you put just this information in the register string box (with your credentials of course):

bluesip/username:[email protected]/did

Associated Asterisk tickets:

Thanks for the response!

I managed to fix this by doing:


Then it registered and is now working fine :slight_smile:

Whoops formatting didn’t come out properly:

udp://bluesip/username:[email protected]/did