User Reports Calls Drop After 3 Seconds

We only have a few phones in our office. Our receptionist is reporting that calls hang up after 3 seconds, but I don’t see any calls that short in our CDR or in FreePBX Call Event Logging. A couple just have a “-” for duration.

Where can I find info on how to read the FreePBX CEL? I suppose what I am after is if I can identify the reason for a disconnect… like, connectivity issue, or phone was put back on hook, etc.

Phones are Sangoma S400 or S500 I think. Do the phones themselves have a log?

Also, as far as connectivity goes, we’re on Comcast Business 300/30 Mbps tier. We’re using UniFi with a Dream Machine Pro. Phones and server are on a separate VLAN/Network. Smart Queues are enabled. Is there any other troubleshooting or configuration tweaking that I should do on the network side of things? FWIW, this is not my first FreePBX deployment (and with UniFi) and I haven’t had any issues elsewhere.

Almost always a NAT Issue, but to see what’s going on you need to perform a debug.

Support Services : Providing Great Debug (

OK, so the first thing is that if I run amportal a dbug I get “Command Not Found”. I thought that was deprecated? What is the equivalent?


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