User portal timezone - incorrect

I have searched everywhere, and cannot seem to find anyone else with this issue or any articles pertaining it it… so unsure if I am simply missing something or there is an issue.

I have timezones setup in FreePBX, and tz= setup in the users extension. I am sure this setup is working, as the voicemail envelope correctly identifies the timezone difference between users (with different tz settings).

However, this seems to be only the voicemail envelope that this setting controls, as everything else has the wrong date (users get the system date). The following user items are not showing the users timezone:

  • User web portal
  • Speak time (star feature)
  • Wake up call

Can anyone assist?
I seem to be the only one with this issue, and can not find where to fix this.

PBX Distro: 3.211.63-9

Many thanks in advance.

That is correct. That setting is for voicemail only. Their is no way to set time zone on a per user for when they visit pages or things. Everything is pulled from the system time.