User Portal Restrict extensions to Company question?

In the User Port (http:///recordings) under the voicemail tab you have the ability to forward a voicemail to someone else. However if you have more than one company sharing the same server and you want to separate them, is there a solution to only show the extensions that the logged in extension has access to? Perhaps VM context can be changed and the drop down only shows those in the same context?

Anyway know of a way to do this? I know in newer versions of FreePBX i have seen where you can make directories, perhaps have the drop downs of extensions be limited to the directory that extension belongs to

Thank you

There is no way to do this through the GUI, you would have to manufacture something yourself

In the traditional ARI you can change the VM context for each extension in company1 to for example “company1” which will do jiust that for you

Thanks for the quick response, What do you mean by the traditional ARI? I am familiar with the VM Context and maybe I was on a non traditional ARI but I feel i remember that when an extension logged in and even though there VM context was different, they were still able to see the other extensions of company 2, company 3 etc…, but perhaps that was an older version.

It still works for me on a brand new FreePBX just to be sure, I Just checked, no memory needed :slight_smile: