User Panel (ARI) playback

OK, I must be missing something here, as I honestly never use the web interface to play back any voice mail messages. I was asked how to may the ARI use something other than QT, as not everyone wants to load it. I thought this should be easy, and went into the user panel on my current system (5.211.65-17) and went to play a message. Sure enough it wouldn’t work right, so I went into the OS on my windows box and made sure .wav files were using media player (in fact I also tried VLC as an alternative). Again, nothing would work, it showed a bar like it wanted to play, but just sat there like it was frozen. I then tried different browsers from IE, to FF, to Chrome. I took time to go into the settings to make sure that wav files were played by the right player (again trying multiple players), and still nothing. It acts like it’s trying to call something on it’s own regardless of what is selected.

I would think it easy to stream a wav file, I have listened to all kinds of audio/video on this machine, never an issue, but for the life of me I can’t seem to set and make a specific call play through the user portal, so I am sure I am missing something. Any pointers as always most appreciated…


The new UCP in FreePBX 12 no longer requires Quicktime. The old ARI interface is no longer being developed.

Install Apple’s Quicktime on your PC, and then reboot your PC

He doesn’t want to install quicktime…

Of note, UCP and CDRs no longer require quicktime. MOH and System Recordings won’t require it in 13+

I’ve had the same problem. Even more frustrating is that sometimes it plays, and sometimes it doesn’t on the same system. I have QT installed on this particular machine but it’s always hit-or-miss as to if it will play from the browser.

My solution was to always have it email me the file as well. The email always works.

Exactly, the place that has the PBX is pretty much not an Apple fan, so they don’t want to load QT on everything, so I was looking for a way around this issue. I take it from your comments at the moment, the current version of FPBX requires you to use QT? You mention 13+, as I know FPBX 12 is just about to roll out, do you mean the next iteration of FBPX, or is this something to do with Asterisk as well?

Agreed that is a simple way around it, but when you have an IT director and a couple hundred users that want to use the web portal to do it, just telling them to have it email it and use it that way doesn’t make for a happy client…

You are getting confused. This is/was a FreePBX issue. Has nothing to do with Asterisk and is fixed in FreePBX 12.

Nah, I figured it was a FPBX issue as I didn’t see how the asterisk core would have any impact. You said fixed in 13+, not 12+ above, so that is where you threw me the curve.

Now by jumping to 12, is this fixed in ARI, or is this fixed by jumping to the UCP? If fixed by using the UCP, is there anyway to import all the existing extensions/mailboxes into the new UCP? As I created an extension in the UCP on a test machine and ot appeared I had to also go into user management and yet again create the user before the UCP was usable vs ARI. Sure with a couple extensions this is no biggie, but the client asking me about this has nearly 500 extensions at this time in the system, that is a LOT of typing if they have to all be entered by hand…

ARI is depreciated. No one will step into it except to fix security issues.

I don’t have something to do that at this time. However I should. Would you be willing to open a feature request. It would probably be something like “amportal a ucp migrateari”

Thanks for the reply, and sure I have no problem opening a feature request on it. Just when you start dealing with a large system, stuff like this becomes an issue…