User Module-How do I auto-create accounts?

I just finished setting up a FreePBX with about 75 users on the system. I used the bulk extension module to create all the extensions.

Now I see that in this new version of FreePBX, a user is not automatically created when you create the extension. Before, the user would log into the UCP and the user name would be the extension, and password would be the VM password.

I really don’t want to manually create 75 system users (one for each extension). How do I automate this?

amportal a userman migrate

Great, that created the User Accounts. But this new UCP is completely different than what I am used to from previous versions. I purchased and installed the FaxPro module, and I cannot figure out how the end user can fax out with this new UCP. If someone can quickly help me, great. If not I will start a new thread.