User Manager Permissions hierarchy?

Using AD for User Manager authentication. How does User Manager apply permissions. I’m currently applying permissions by what AD groups they are members of but if I had a “everyone” set to allow UCP access but “certaindept” to disallow UCP access, which group would take effect? How is it chosen? It is possible to see what permissions are being inherited from on a particular user?

It’s alphabetical at this point. Look at groups and if the first one is set to true thats what will be used. It will be skipped for the others down the list.

If you can think of a better way I am all ears.

I see you delima. There really isn’t an easy way to accomplish that. The only method i could think of would be the ability to sort the groups present and drag-and-drop them into the proper sequence but definitely not an easy task. Knowing how they currently apply rights is useful and will help me with my current situation. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this. Next time your in the DFW area dinner is on me.

Yes that is why if you look at groups they have a priority column for sorting. Though they are all at 5 right now

You can now sort/prioritize groups in user manager.

Awesome. I’m assuming 0 priority is first to get rights and the higher numbers would come after that.

Yes that is how it works

Note: I realize this should be documented as much of FreePBX needs to be