User Manager Overwrites User Password each time a user is submitted

Playing with all my new toys since Astricon - User Manager on 12 (12.0.11) re-writes the password every time I submit a user even if I don’t change the password - I found this because I have been playing extensively with UCP, and buying commercial modules and then checking to see how they look in UCP. As I add new modules, I have to go into User Management and enable that feature on my user I am testing with and each time I submit without putting my user password back in the blank, I am logged out of UCP and can’t log back in until I reset the password and submit.

Asterisk 13
FreePBX 12
PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-13
PBX Service Pack:

Actually it doesn’t reset the password it clears the active sessions. This is because if you add or remove something in ucp through user manager it has to be reflected in the interface. The only way to do that is log you out so that the assets refresh. Normally when you are logged in the assets do not refresh to save on bandwidth

End result: this is intended.

That may have been the intention, but that is not the reality - Going in to User Manager and submit any user without making any changes and then open up UCP and try to log in - it says:

But then go into that same user, type the correct password in the blank and submit and you are good.

I do have iSymphony V3 on this machine also - is it possible it is forcing the password switch on the submit?

If you have a password manager it might be changing it but I go through and change things all day long in development and it does not change the password.

That was it! Damn Chrome - Cleared the saved password and it stopped doing it - Thanks for the hint.