User manager extension creation inconsistent

I have configured user manager to sync a Microsoft Active Directory and have set “Create Missing Extensions” to “SIP [chan_pjsip]”, and set “User extension Link attribute” to “homephone”. There are 1519 users synced and created in FreePBX. In AD 508 of these users have the homephone attribute populated. In FreePBX if I look under the “User Details” tab it appears that the “Home Phone Number” field is populated for those 508 users (I haven’t checked every single one). However, most of them do not have a linked extension. Only 153 extensions have been created.

When I run ‘fwconsole userman --sync 3 --force -vvv’, in the output I get 777 lines saying it’s updating a user, and 156 where it says it’s linking an extension.

At the end of the output I get “This device id is already in use” highlighted in red.

Is there some way to get more detailed debugging output or logs on what userman is doing and why? I cannot identify any reason why it is creating the extensions for some users and not others.

FreeePBX version:
User management version: 15.0.35

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