User Manager Contact Group no longer shows in Phone Apps Contacts

I’m on the latest module versions (STABLE Track) for FreePBX 13.0.137, using Aastra 6867i phones.
Somewhere recently a module update broke the ability for the Phone Apps Contacts App to show any Contact Groups under the User Manager grouping. The phone will show “cannot display”. However, External groups show up fine.

I’ve been reverting back (and forth) versions of different modules (Rest API, Contacts Manager, FreePBX Framework) but still can’t resolve. Something I did find odd, when I use the Bulk Handler to export what shows under “User Manager Groups”, the data in the “Users” field is garbage:

it seems like this is a syntax issue within the User Manager Group within the Contact Manager, because if I make the same users in that group in an “Internal Group” that group shows fine on my phone.

Is there a way to possibly see the mySQL table for that group to see if there might be a malformed character?
or am I looking in the wrong place?