User Manager and voicemail sync

I am having an issue where new user extensions or even current ones are not getting added to the user manager. I have it setup auth with voicemail passwords, but they will not sync. Users will sync with the internal FreePBX directory fine, but I’d rather use the voicemail option.

I have a recent install of FreePBX 13. Everything is up to date

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Hi Eric,

You might have luck upgrading the user manager module to the “edge” version.

Great, that did the trick.

Thank you.

Looks like they synced, but now I can not add them to a group. And if I make a new group, it doesn’t get listed under the groups. If I try to browse the all groups listing it just sits there and says “Loading Please wait”

I have the same problem. See last post on Userman Not Syncing To Asterisk Voicemail Users