User Management Email Password Reset Timeout

It seems as though the password reset link only lasts one hour. How could I go about changing the length of time the token stays valid. I’m hoping for 24 hours at least.

Password Reset Link

I agree that it would be great to extend this a bit, or at least have the option to extend it. I ran into this when I originally created all of my users, and some of them didn’t get to the point of activating their accounts right away.

same problem here. My users all reply a couple of hours later that the link does not work. Did anyone figure out how to increase the timeout?

Sorry but I can’t find the issue there. Do you want us to open a ticket?


In the mean time, is the value set in the database somewhere? So it can be manually changed…

No. It’s hard set in a php file.

So it could be changed in the file… At least until the next update right? Could you please point me to the file?

UCP v13.0.40 and Userman v13.0.72 have it set to 24 hours now (1 day)