User Management: Clicking anything only opens my login name entry

My personal login is in the Admin group. When I click on anything it will only open a single entry, my login name and extension entry.

User Management

Please provide more information about this. This is too vague for anyone to do anything with. There is no “Admin” group in User Manager unless you make one. What is the “anything” that you are clicking on? What is this single entry? Is it a page, a pop up? Is there anything else on the page? Are you looking at another user’s account and your details are being displayed?

Administration Rights – Yes.
Click on Anything in User Management/Users page.
Displays single entry, my login entry. Unable to access any other entries.

With one entry.

Is there something in the search box there?

Yes, good thinking. It must have been related to an old visit and I just didn’t notice.
I would definitely recommend clearing the Search box when the page is opened. I also would love to see Back or Cancel buttons added to the pages.
Thanks :star_struck:

Just noticed that when I reopen the module, my login name is back in the search box. What’s up? Is this a feature or a bug? Is it related to auto login confusing thesearch box for a login prompt?

Your browser is auto populating the field.

It’s called a ‘cache’ you can clear it if you want, but it’s quite useful if you get it right from the gitgo

Nothing will happen if there’s no feature request.

Then select which Directory you want to work in. “All Directories” just lists all the users in all the directories. You’ll need to use the FreePBX directory.

I have run into this before somewhere in FPBX. I am not sure how the auto-fill identifies which fields to fill and not to fill. I am sure it stores away info used to id the fields but am not sure what to suggest in the way of GUI design to prevent this behavior, If anyone has more understanding of the inner workings, it would be great to hear suggestions. Needless to say, it is not helpful to have the app login id filled into non-login fields at a minimum.

No, all misunderstood, freepbx just can’t plant anything into your browser’s behavior, you and your browser can and does, test it, use another browser . . .

Not misunderstood. I claimed not to full understand. I am sure there is more to understand about how autofill fills or does not fill. Turning off is not an option.

You stated

“I am sure it stores away info used to id the fields”

But you are sure about something that you really do misunderstand, again, . . . “it” just can’t do that !!

If you won’t turn it off or clear the culprits in your browser, then you have actually made it unnecessarily “not an option”

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