User Logon - Logoff - Odd character in AstDB

Good day.

Would like to know how to start troubleshooting this.

We use the device/user mode. Some extensions register fine and thereafter logon to queues and receive calls.

Some have the ampersand character before the number in the database entry in AstDB like shown below;

/AMPUSER/13007/device : &6154
/AMPUSER/13016/device : &8046
/AMPUSER/13022/device : &6147
/AMPUSER/13023/device : &6128
/AMPUSER/15004/device : &6118

They can receive and make calls but when it comes to the queues, all these agents will be shown as “not available”.

Any help would be much appreciated.

PS> Thought of writing a dialplan to remove but i think that’s a little hardcore and probably to know what goes on first is important.

Thank you and hv a good week!

There was a bug in FreePBX that caused this, it was fixed some time ago, can’t remember when. What version of FreePBX do you run?

It was reported in #4499, as far as I can see it was only fixed in 2.8 and the upcoming 2.9.

Thanks Mikael, seeing you’re in the dev team, perhaps any chance at all to have a quick fix on 2.7 or a workaround?


Thanks for the reply.

We are using FreePBX on Asterisk