User Login and Logoff

I am fairly new to Freepbx and have inherited a customers setup that a previous consultant performed. For some reason, all users are unable to log on or log off from their phones. According to the customer, this was working in the past. I cannot recall of any recent changes. The command the sent from their phones (Aastra phones by the way) is 1 * dial to log on and 1 ** dial to logoff. I am really not sure how to begin to tackle this. They are running FreePBX Administration 2.2.1. Any assistance from the forum would be greatly appreciated.

I have recently taken a job for a company that is using FreePBX Administration 2.2.1 and have several Grandstream
GXP2000 V2.0 - VoIP telephones. The owner ordered a replacement for a broken phone with the same model number
but NO version number and when they plugged it in, it just will not work. We were wondering if we can update from
FreePBX 2.2.1 to the most current version of 2.5 without making more of a problem. Does anyone know the answer to
this question? Is it backwards compatible? I am taking the word of the owner (from the last technician) that it’s because
the new phone must need the newer software to work, is this true? Any help would be fantastic :slight_smile:

FreePBX does nothing with provisions of phones. Several distributions like trixbox, PBX-in-a-flash, Elastix, etc all have provisioning setups that might help.

I also don’t use a Grandstream but last I knew they had a web interface on the phone so if you find it’s IP, hit it with a browser and it wil tell you that infor.

As for upgrading I’d recommend it as when 2.4 was out there was support for Version 2.3 and pretty much no more updates, bug fixes, etc for any previous versions. Now that 2.5 has come out I’m expecting that minimum number to also move up to 2.4.

More important PLEASE do not hijack a existing thread about one thing with a totally new topic. It is rude to the origional writer and also the quickest way to NOT get any help as the postings are listed by Tread topic so you’ve reduced your response poll from people who might know about grandsteams down to those who know and deal with logon/off issues AND grandsteams.

Please repost this question as a new topic in the forums for proper support. Thanks.