User extension won't ring and goes to voicemail, but work to a Follow Me Extension

There is a user extension, previously fully functional, that now rings directly to voicemail and will not ring the phone. I have included my troubleshooting steps below. I have compared the configuration of other extensions, and there are no obvious configuration differences, and no changes were made prior to this problem. I was able to trace a call coming into the line, and the only, possible, error I can see is there is a NODEST=2208 flag in Asterisklog. In order to work around the problem we currently have a Follow Me set up to forward to 2228 on our system and this rings with no problems.

I have checked that the phone is registered properly and done a fair bit of troubleshooting. Any suggestions would be great, otherwise I will shortly be calling FreePBX paid support. There is only so much I can post on here due to the nature of the company I am working with, so I will understand if there isn’t much that can be done to assist publically.

Thanks all

User extension 2208
-Checked for end-point registration in Asterisk Info Report
-Phone is connected and registration state is OK
-Checked qualify settings per FreePBX troubleshooting
-Checked Extension settings
-Queue State Detection on the extension is “Ignore state” Other users are “Use State”
-Found that the user is Excluded from Default Directory, all regular users checked are set to include
-Set debugging and then switched off because of no results
-Also researched the Queue detection settings and found that this can cause the extension to be skipped, but there are no queues
-Reconfigured the extension to “use state” and “include” in directory
-Removed Follow Me of 2228 for testing
-Called phone, went to VM
-Restored Follow Me settings, tested
-Checked “Full” logs
-Traced the call from the point it hits the GW and then followed it to a point where it appears that the system cannot find the destination associated with extension, goes to voicemail and records/creates the file
-Was able to log into the phone itself by finding the password stored in the template configuration file for the phone on the PBX
-Checked that the phone was registered with the user information and line locally, carried out a reregister
-Carried out a configuration file rebuild on the specific phone using the PBX interface and rebooted the phone, this was also in EPM
-Was informed that an engineer of ours suggested the asterisk database may be corrupt. Looked into the logs further and found references to astdb and the support site suggests that corruption of that DB can cause this issue, though normally to more phones
-The only options at this stage are to configure the user onto 2228 permanently and discard 2208, or to rename the ASTDB, restart associated services, then manually go into each stored extension, re-submit each extension and each Follow Me setting. This would rebuild the database, but would take a number of hours given the size of deployment
-The final option is to enlist FreePBX Support

Check for any do-Not-Disturb settings, either in Asterisk or on your phone.

I checked the phone physically and the DND was off. I ran a database check using “database get DND” and found that there was a database entry. I removed that entry and then tested the phone. The user was at the phone, the logs now show it ringing, I could hear the ring tone on my end, which wasn’t happening until now, but it eventually went to voicemail.

So, I am a step closer. Thanks

Any other thoughts?

Quick and dirty, delete and recreate the extension.


Thanks for the help. The physical phone didn’t show DND, the admin onsite said he had recreated the extension before, but it turned out to be that DND record in the database, which suggests we may have had a problem in the database. It turns out that removing that fixed 2208. We then had 2 other faulting extensions. In those cases there was no DND, or DND database entry. I recreated those extensions and they now work.

Now I need to think about root cause. Do you have any suggestions on maintenance in the event the database is some how having problems. I am starting to research that today, and if I find anything useful myself, I will post it for others too.

Thanks again

You can do a database show from asterisk. Those items are in the real time db. Resubmitted the extension should fix it

You can do a database show from asterisk. Those items are in the real time db. Resubmitted the extension should fix it