[email protected] extensions

How do you setup [email protected] extensions? For example if I wanted to have something like [email protected] that goes to an IVR how would I do that? I also want to have [email protected] go to my extension.


You may not know that you already have an extension in the form of [email protected]. Only numeric.

The following is a crude example but just to give you an idea on how domain name resolution works.

Let’s say your Asterisk box has an IP address of, and you have blake’s softphone on one PC, and another softphone on another PC which you want to use later to dial “blake”.

Create an extension account by the name “blake” (not necessary numeric) on the Asterisk box for blake.

On your PC, configure your softphone with the given account “blake” that can login to as its sip proxy.

You want to dial [email protected] from another softphone. So go to that PC. Edit the host file (in Windows, this file is in the folder C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/; in Linux /etc/hosts) and add an entry domain.com

Now start the SIP URI dialing from this softphone. You will hear “blake” on the other side ringing.

So you see domain name resolution is the key. The client PC first know the name then find the IP. If your asterisk box has a fully qualified domain name and a public IP, you can count on the domain name servers to resolve its name and find the IP.

I have a FQDN for my server, just didn’t post it.

When I try to use blake as an extension name it won’t work, freepbx errors. I figured I need to modify the conf files directly and enter in a stanza for the extension. Tried a few different methods and I didn’t get it right. I need an example of the stanza for the config file please, not DNS info!


Here is a good reference http://blyon.com/sip_uri/.

And a more detailed one http://slacker.com/~nugget/projects/asterisk/page7.

This is what the SIP alias field is for in the extension page. You can put any alphanumeric data and the peer can then be reached by that URI.

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