User Does Not Have Access To Zulu

(Tibbetts Internet Com) #1

I tried to generate the QR code for a user and it says user does not have access to zulu. How do I fix this?

(Communication Technologies) #2

Have you confirmed that the user has access to Zulu in the user profile in User Management?

(Tibbetts Internet Com) #3

I just looked around in the user manager and I don’t see anything about Zulu. Where in the user manager is it?

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

If you’re trying to get a QR code, I assume you’re setting up a mobile client, no? If so I encourage you to use Sangoma Connect, not Zulu mobile.

(Communication Technologies) #5

User manager>edit a user> then there is a Zulu tab at the top (rightmost tab). At least for my install.

(Tibbetts Internet Com) #6

There is no Zulu tab. Why is there no Zulu tab?

Does Zulu connect work on mobile Android and Iphones? Why does the zulu connect page say, (In other words, a person can’t use the app on their iOS and Android devices.)

I guess if I use Sangona connect I have to buy a Zulu UC License???

Do I have to buy the commercial zulu license for it to show up as a tab?

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

You don’t have the Zulu module installed, or you have no Zulu licensing.

There is no such thing an Zulu Connect

Your Zulu licensing works for both.


(Tibbetts Internet Com) #8

Is there some app I can use that is FREE? I mean I would have to pay $199 for every 20 users. That is $10 a user for a year. How do I enable the use of free Zulu?

(Tibbetts Internet Com) #9

Does the free version of the zulu module install with the free PBX distro?

(Lorne Gaetz) #10

Zulu is a paid service, it’s not free. However, there is a limited user, limited time free trial.

(Tibbetts Internet Com) #11

I just bought Zulu.

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